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    Welcome to PRODIFACT

  Prodifact is a consulting  technology services and outsourcing company  helping customers leverage technology in achieving real business benefits with outstanding quality.

As actors in the Thailand's economic life for several years, we have established standard procedures for tendering and selection of suppliers for acquiring goods made on order or bought in bulk.

Although those procedures may differ according to the product and the uses of the product, we provide ready access to procurement information to assist you in constructing better contracts, negotiating with suppliers, making the best use of your purchasing power and rationalizing requirements.

However our procurement services can also be the procedure in which goods or commodities, available on the market, are bought in bulk when prices are low on the local market or simply for replenishment.

End to end our procurement strategy states our determination to ensure we get the maximum benefits from spending on goods, works and services.

PRODIFACT expands to Agriculture

Since 2010 Prodifact is expanding into agriculture via Agrifact based in Bangkok and Vian Chian.   

Our activities are to produce and transform raw materials to the food, beverage, flavor, pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and cosmetic industries.                                                                       All Spices, aromatic and medicinal plants grow on our fields in northern Thailand and Laos, pieces of land free of pesticides and chemical fertilizers.                           

Our aims

  • To find and take advantage of easy cost savings opportunities.
  • To provide the best use of your purchasing power and rationalizing requirements.
  • To achieve cost savings by leveraging existing supplier relationships.
  • To track the progress of your sourcing strategy.
  • To write a Request For Proposal that is aligned with the final contract that achieves the perfect balance of standardization and customization.
  • To implement Contract management, Standard Processes and Procedures systems to monitor supplier performance.
  • To install a variety of effective communications systems that provides information to all stakeholders on supplier.

The overall aim is to provide best value for money at minimum risk in the most efficient and effective manner by installing a collaborative approach to procurement of product.


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