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Photo: aluminium roller shutter

Foam Filled Aluminium Roller Shutters

Door and window shutters can be manufactured to fit most types of doors and windows and are weather resistant, tough and elegant when rolled down. When retracted, door and window roller shutters are discreet and unobtrusive.
Roller shutters are smart, neat and easy to operate with high quality finish. They are virtually maintenance free as the shutters never need painting.

These shutters are most suited to light security applications or as a climate control aid.

Photo: aluminium roller shutter slat




The slats within each shutter are hollow filled with foam and are recommended to a maximum width of 3 meters. The maximum recommended surface area is 6.6 meters.




Extruded Aluminium Shutters

These shutters form the basic requirement for most security applications.
The slats are manufactured from hollow extruded aluminium sections which offer security whilst remaining incredibly light and easy to operate.


Photo: Extruded shutter slat
Photo: roller shutter motor


The recommended maximum width is 4 meters and the maximum recommended surface area is 10 square meters. Easily installed into existing buildings, they can be operated either electronically or manually,


All shutters are available in many RAL color and are electronically or manually operated.




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