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Photo: aluminium sliding gate and fencing

ALUMINIUM SWING & SLIDING GATE AND LOWER GATE                               


All Swing & Sliding gates are made with a 50*50*3.0 frame with a 100*50*3.0 bottom rail and generally come with a top and bottom tail to suit automatic operation whether you need it or not unless specified.

Photo: motorized sliding gate Photo: Motor for casement gate

Gates can be made small for pedestrian access or large to suit a commercial or industrial application. Security sliding gates are also available.


 Photo: Aluminium lower gate

Photo: lower gate details

 TELESCOPIC ALUMINIUM SLIDING GATE                                                                         

Photo: Telescopic slinding door

Our telescopic sliding system is the perfect solution for gates where the run-back area is too small to install a double swing gate or where the side space is too small for a standard sliding gate.
Our concept is the easiest and cheapest solution to build a reliable telescopic automatic sliding gate. We’ll give you support and technical drawings to realize your telescopic gate.
In the other hand our telescopic need just one operating motor.





One remote control is standard. Possibility to integrate a large range of access control accessories (as desired):




• videophone, parlophone
• key, code keyboard
• lighting
• card reader, bluetooth detector
• heights adapted to heights of sliding gate


Standard colors: Zinc yellow (RAL-1018) - Pure white (RAL 9010) - Traffic red (RAL-3020) Ultramarine blue (RAL 5002) - Leaf green (RAL 6002) - Fawn brown (RAL 8007).
Other RAL colors available on request.

RAL chart color

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