LME Official Prices, US$ per tonne
Aluminium Premiums: 2287.50
Copper: 7,262.50
Lead: 2,468.00
Nickel: 15,240.00
Tin: 21,230.00
Steel Billet: 340.00
Steel Rebar: 548.00

INTERIOR August 27, 2019
Chinese companies taking over Vietnam's timber sector:
The Chinese wooden furniture businesses are looking for new timber resources due to the Chinese government's decision to close the natural forests in China by 2017. Thus, Vietnam has become one of the top destinations for timber and over 500 foreign-invested businesses in China now operate in Vietnam, out of which one-third are from China and Taiwan...[More...] 

Strong dollar boosts earnings in Malaysian furniture sector
Malaysian furniture exporters have seen revenues and profit rise over the past few months despite the ongoing labour shortage due to restrictions on the hiring of foreign workers... [More...]

WOOD CONSTRUCTION August  26, 2018
US housing starts recover in December
Housing starts in US saw a significant recovery in December 2016 after a sharp drop in November, the US Commerce Department reported... [More...]

FORESTRY August 25, 2018
US importers prepare to meet CITES rosewood regulations
The parties to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES) have added the entire genus of Dalbergia spp. in Appendix II to prevent unstainable use of all rosewood species...

MARKET PRICES February 23, 2019
U.S.: Softwood and panel markets - Week 3, 2019
Winter weather took much of the blame for a disappointing start to the year for many framing lumber traders. While frigid temperatures gave way to a warming trend across much of the continent, heavy rain kept a lid on activity in California and parts of the South. Other issues and distractions played a role, including uncertainty surrounding the U.S.-Canada trade dispute and a new administration in Washington.... [More...]

Latest Prices: Dow Jones & SIX Telekurs
(Feb 19) USD 364.2
Wheat (Feb 19) USD 636.25
Soybeans (Feb 19) USD 1385
Soybean Meal(Feb 19)USD369.8
Soybean Oil (Feb 19) USD 54.38
Oats (Feb 19) USD 325.5
Rough Rice (Feb 19)USD 1434.5
Lean Hogs (Feb 19) USD 92.65
Live Cattle (Feb 19) USD 121.45
Feeder Cattle(Feb 19) USD153.8
Lumber (Feb 19) USD 259.7
Ethanol (Feb 19) USD 2.298

Corn oil, which is used both for cooking oil and to make biodiesel fuel, has emerged over the last year as a lucrative niche product for ethanol producers looking to add new revenue at a time of weak returns. Corn-oil production, though, comes with a downside: extracting the oil cuts into the fat content of the ethanol industry's major byproduct-distillers dried grain.

Corn oil
provides a hefty margin for ethanol producers because costs, after the initial investment in equipment, are low. A backlash from livestock producers is unlikely to cause plants to rethink their corn-oil strategy. Ethanol margins have weakened due to slow demand growth and high corn prices.


Rice. The Philippines will officially ask the World Trade Organization to extend for five years a classification that allows it to impose restrictions on rice imports, National Food Authority chief Angelito Banayo said.
Rice is currently classified under WTO's "QR," or quantitative restrictions, designation, but this is scheduled to expire Jule 30. The classification allows the Philippines to prevent the entry of rice imports into the country outside of what the government has predetermined.


China. Chinese Premier Wen Jiabao said the government will offer farmers more subsidies for grain production if oil prices rise further. Wen said earlier this month that China aims to spend CNY1.23 trillion ($195 billion) on its agricultural sector this year, up CNY186.8 billion compared with 2011.Traders say advances were more reflective of oversold technical conditions, overdue for a bounce with bargain hunting by processors and ethanol plants aiding the recovery, analysts add. CBOT Dec corn settled up 17 3/4c at $6.05 1/2/bushel.

France Bans Monsanto's 810 Corn CropWheat. The French government has decided to temporarily ban the cultivation of Monsanto Co.'s MON810 genetically-modified corn crop. Following a request sent to the European Commission, it has decided to ban the crop as a "precautionary measure" to protect the environment. The commission has requested the European food safety authority take emergency measures regarding the MON810 crop, but that the EU doesn't plan to take emergency measures at the moment.


Flood Risks Drop But US Drought To Persist.

Most of the continental U.S. is at little risk of flooding this spring, while the southern part of the country is expected to remain mired in drought, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration said Thursday.


China Corn Imports Jul Rise On Lower US Prices -CNGOIC

China will likely step up corn imports as U.S. prices have fallen below local prices and farmers are selling grain at a slow pace amid rains, the China National Grain and Oils Information Center, said.
Some Chinese feed mills recently signed contracts to import U.S. corn amid high domestic prices.
However, domestic corn supply is sufficient following a record harvest. Due to excessive rains, farmers are delaying sales, reducing market supply and causing prices to soar.


*Data as of 2:30 CT Source: Dow Jones & SIX Telekurs