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Botanical Name : Alstonia scholaris (L.) R.Br.
Common Name : 
Devil tree; white cheese wood; black board tree; pagoda tree.
Distribution :
From India and Sri Lanka to Southern China, in Southeast Asia countries, Malesia (Type), Bismarck Archipelago, the Solomon Islands, Laos (Kham - mouan and widespread in several provinces)..
Description : Tree grows up to 15meters tall and erect. It is very strong and does not get easily uprooted by heavy winds and rain and used as windbreaker. The wood is very soft and light in weight therefore used for making pencils and match stick.It has abundant milky sap. The flowers are small, numerous pale green in color and highly fragrance.
Action : 
Alstonia tree is not only known for its ornamental and commercial properties but also has great medicinal properties. The leaves destroy the breeding ground of mosquitoes.The flowering in rain forest areas indicates the end of monsoon.Flowering starts in second week of September.This tree servives well in various type of climates except snow fall zones and has a wide distribution in India.

Part used : Latex, Bark and Leaves
Chemical components : 
Effective Ingredients: 
Therapeutic uses :
The bark of the Alstonia constricta and the Alstonia scholaris is a source of a remedy against malaria, toothache, rheumatism and snake bites. The latex is used in treating coughs, throat sores and fever.

The latex is used as poultice for boils, ulcers, muscular pain and rheumatic swelling. When mixed with olive oil, one or two drops in the ear relive earache. The decoction of the young leaves is recommended for deficiency of Vitamin B1. The dried leaves in power form are also used for ulcers and skin diseases.

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Alstonia congensis Engl.
Alstonia constricta F.Muell. – Bitterbark, Quinine Tree, Australian Fever Bark
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Alstonia costata R.Br.
Alstonia cuneata Wall. & G.Don
Alstonia curtisii King & Gamble
Alstonia deplanchei Van Heurck & Müll.Arg.
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Alstonia elliptica J.W.Moore
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Alstonia fragrans J.W.Moore
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Alstonia glabriflora Markgr.
Alstonia godeffroyi Reinecke
Alstonia grandifolia Miq.
Alstonia guangxiensis D.Fang & X.X.Chen
Alstonia henryi Tsiang
Alstonia iwahigensis Elmer
Alstonia kurzii Hook.f.
Alstonia lanceolata Van Heurck & Müll.Arg.
Alstonia lanceolifera S.Moore
Alstonia legouixiae Van Heurck & Müll.Arg.
Alstonia lenormandii Van Heurck & Müll.Arg.
Alstonia linearifolia Guillaumin
Alstonia linearis Benth.
Alstonia longifolia (A.DC.) Pichon
Alstonia longissima F.Muell.
Alstonia macrophylla Wall. ex G.Don – Batino, Devil Tree
Alstonia mairei H. Léveillé
Alstonia marquisensis M.L.Grant ex Fosberg & Sachet
Alstonia micrantha Ridl.
Alstonia mollis Benth.
Alstonia montana Turrill
Alstonia muelleriana Domin – Jackapple, Leatherjacket, Milky Yellowwood
Alstonia paupera (synonym of A. mairei)
Alstonia penangiana K.Sidiyasa
Alstonia plumosa Labill.
Alstonia pneumatophora Backer ex L.G.Den Berger
Alstonia polyphylla Miq.
Alstonia quaternata Van Heurck & Müll.Arg.
Alstonia reineckeana Lauterb.
Alstonia retusa S.Moore
Alstonia roeperi Van Heurck & Müll.Arg.
Alstonia rostrata C.E.C.Fischer
Alstonia rubiginosa K.Sidiyasa
Alstonia rupestris Kerr
Alstonia saligna S.Moore
Alstonia scholaris (L.) R.Br. – Pali-mari, Dita Bark, Bitter Bark, Milkwood, Milky Bean, Milky Pine, White Cheesewood, Blackboard Tree
Alstonia sericea Blume
Alstonia setchelliana Christoph.
Alstonia smithii Markgr.
Alstonia somersetensis F.M.Bailey
Alstonia spathulifolia Guillaumin
Alstonia spatulata Blume – Hard Milkwood, Siamese Balsa
Alstonia spectabilis R.Br. – Poele Bark, Jackapple, Leatherjacket, Milky Yellowwood
Alstonia sphaerocapitata Boiteau
Alstonia stenophylla Guillaumin
Alstonia subsessilis Miq.
Alstonia twahigensis
Alstonia undulata Guillaumin
Alstonia undulifolia K.M.Kochummen & K.M.Wong
Alstonia venenata R.Br.
Alstonia verticillosa F.Muell.
Alstonia vieillardii Van Heurck & Müll.Arg.
Alstonia villosa Blume
Alstonia vitiensis Seem.
Alstonia yunnanensis Diels

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